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The Tax Year

Get ready for the end of the tax year

The end of the tax year is fast approaching and time is running out. So in the weeks ahead of the April 5th deadline, what steps should you be taking to make the most of your money and reduce your tax bill? Here are just a few areas you could look at. Use your ISA …

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You’ve Made the Taxman a Millionaire

Publisher, entrepreneur and diplomat, Benjamin Franklin was almost certainly the most-quoted figure of his generation. He is popularly credited with ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ and, in Advice to a Young Tradesman, Franklin wrote, ‘Remember that time is money’. In November 1789, Franklin wrote to a friend in France: ‘Our new constitution is …

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Venture Capital Trusts

EIS and VCT – Use Them or Lose Them

As you will no doubt know, the current tax year ends on Monday April 5th. ‘Make the most of your pension and ISA allowances before the end of the tax year’ is a familiar refrain. One that is heard slightly less often – but which is no less relevant for some investors – is ‘make …

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Tax for over 40

Could over 40s pay more tax to solve the social care crisis?

Cash has always been king in running a business, especially when SMEs typically only have a 27 day cash buffer, according to JP Morgan. So as businesses struggle to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we look at four key areas in maintaining a positive cash flow. Measure your position Thinking about the …

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